Candles are not only used for religion but also for household.

Candles are characterized by a fresh and pleasant smell. Aromatherapy candle is a kind of craft candle.

It is colorful in appearance and beautiful in color. It contains natural plant essential oil, which gives off pleasant fragrance when burned.

Due to the decision of religious belief, lifestyle and living habits, European and American countries still maintain a large amount of consumption in daily life and festival ceremonies.

Candle products and related handicrafts with craft decoration are more and more used to adjust the atmosphere, home decoration, product style, shape, color, fragrance, etc., is becoming the main reason for consumers to buy candles.

Therefore, the emergence and popularity of new material craft candles and related crafts, which integrate decoration, fashion and lighting, make the traditional lighting wax industry evolve from a sunset industry into a sunrise industry with good development prospects, innovation space and broad market.

Post time: Jan-13-2023