Column candles represent romance and are given to loved ones

A cylindrical candle. It is also a kind of craft candle.

Pillar candle, a common kind of candle, is popular in western countries. The family of general europe american, every festival day ,can point candle in the home , and column wax is first choice . Because the general burning time of column wax will be relatively long, usually dozens of hours, and the column wax is generally fragrant, lit after the whole room is full of aroma.

With the people’s pursuit of high quality life, the style of column wax is also more and more. The candle hut has a wide variety of column waxes with novel styles. Column waxes are classified as: single color column waxes, this type of column wax, without any modification, and color is single price. Monochrome column wax generally has no fragrance and is more suitable for lighting. Aromatherapy column wax, this type of column wax, is all scented. There are many kinds of fragrances, lavender, lily, mint, lemon and so on. There are also very beautiful shape of carved wax, carved wax are very beautiful, the appearance of carved into a variety of flowers, suitable for wedding celebrations.

The flame of an aromatherapy pillar wax has a hypnotic soothing effect that helps with sleep and rejuvenation. Pillar wax has a quality that no other artificial lighting can match, a softness and warmth that is the same as sleep.

burn in the bedroom the column candle that points 3 or 2 smell sweet , will stir your sense sense to enjoy , make everything is immersed in candlelight , no one can deny ,aromatherapy column wax represents romance ,especially the bright red candle gives out that small cluster of emotional happiness ,will certainly make your pulse speed up,imitate if see intimate lover.    

Post time: Oct-31-2022