Famous candle at Canton Fair over the years

Over the years, there are a variety of candle circles at the Canton Fair, and each exhibition will emerge unique and attractive designs. These styles not only represent the innovation and development of the candle manufacturing industry, but also reflect the pursuit of consumers for home decoration and atmosphere.

Dried flower candles: The milky texture of soy wax adds a gentle filter to the dried flowers, which perfectly combines with the natural beauty of the dried flowers, making the candles seem like a small fairy world in which the dried flowers float and freeze in a picturesque picture. Create a peaceful, elegant atmosphere.
Place candles between the guest seat and the wedding stage, or place them on the table, and match with elegant flower arrangements and tablecloths to create a romantic and warm atmosphere and enhance the wedding.
Scented candle:
The use of natural plant essential oils, such as lavender, orange blossom, etc., exudes a fresh and natural aroma, which helps soothe nerves and purify the air. Combined with different cup shapes and theme atmosphere, it brings double enjoyment of sight and smell to customers.
Chinese style candle:
Traditional Chinese patterns, colors and elements are integrated into the candle design, such as dragon and phoenix auspicious, peony rich and rich patterns, as well as Chinese colors, so that people can feel the charm of Chinese culture while enjoying the candle.
Art candle
Some high-end decorative art candles use advanced carving technology and meticulous decoration technology, making its surface smooth and delicate, realistic image. These exquisite crafts determine the value and quality of artistic modeling candles, giving people a noble and elegant feeling. Artistic candles can not only be lit, but also there will be no smoke during the burning process, and there is no odor after extinguishing, and there is no health hazard. At the same time, they can also be used as pure ornaments to decorate the home space and enhance the artistic sense and warm atmosphere of the space. On the dining table, on the bookshelf, or in the bedroom, an art-shaped candle can be a striking focal point.
These innovative styles not only enrich the types and styles of candles, but also meet the needs and preferences of different consumers. Whether given as a gift or for personal use, these candles can add beauty and spice to life.

Post time: Apr-15-2024