Our Main Product Stick Candle From China Aoyin Candle Factory

1.Candle constitute

The main raw material of candles is paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is a mixture of several advanced alkanes, mainly n-doxane and n-doxoctane, which is about 85% carbon and 14% hydrogen. The auxiliary materials added are white oil, stearic acid, polyethylene, essence, etc., among which stearic acid is mainly used to improve the softness, the specific addition depends on the production of what kind of candles.

2.Candle application

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3.Candle burning

The flame of a candle is divided into three parts, the outer flame, the inner flame and the core. The external flame temperature is the highest, the core temperature is the lowest, and the inner flame brightness is the brightest.At the moment when the candle was blown out, a wisp of white smoke was visible, and the light of this wisp with a burning match would rekindle the candle, so as to prove that the white smoke was a solid particle produced by the condensation of the paraffin vapor.

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4.Candle feature

Easy to melt, less dense than water soluble in water. When heated, it melts into liquid, colorless, transparent and slightly volatile when heated, and can smell the special smell of paraffin. When it is cold, it solidifies into a white solid and has a slight special smell.No black smoke, no tears, no dust, flame resistance, brightness, summer unchanged soft, not bending.

5.Matters need attention

Candles should not be placed near flammable objects such as electrical appliances and curtains.

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