White Plain Household Stick Lighting Candles

Stick Candle is the Pure Paraffin Wax Candle. It is White, Stick and Unscented.

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Stick Candle is the Pure Paraffin Wax Candle. It is White, Stick and Unscented.
Material:The Household Candle is made by Paraffin Wax.
The Wax Candle has a high melting Point 58-60 degree. So it is safe to household.

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Product Size

SizeThe Velas has different sizes. This makes the Candle Buring Time is different. Larger Size Candles are burning longer, Small Size Candles are buring less hours.

Weight Diameter(cm) Length(cm) Packing(pcs/ctn) Burning time(hours)
10g 1.2cm 10.7cm 10pcs*100packs 2hours
20g 1.4cm 16.1cm 8pcs*65packs 3hours
22g 1.33cm 20.3cm 8pcs*65packs 3hours
23g 1.4cm 18.6cm 8pcs*65packs 3.5hours
25g 1.4cm 20.3cm 8pcs*65packs 4hours
28g 1.5cm 20.3cm 8pcs*65packs 4hours
30g 1.55cm 20.3cm 8pcs*65packs 4.5hours
35g 1.7cm 20.3cm 10pcs*40packs 5hours
40g 1.85cm 19cm 8pcs*30packs 6hours
45g 1.9cm 20.3cm 6/8pcs*40packs 7.5hours
50g 2.0cm 20.3cm 6pcs*50packs 7.5hours
55g 2.0cm 22.4cm 6pcs*50packs 8hours
60g 2.1cm 23.8cm 6pcs*50packs 9hours
75g 2.2cm 24cm 6pcs*40packs 11hours
80g 2.54cm 20.32cm 6pcs*30packs 12hours
85g 2.54cm 21.5cm 6pcs*30packs 12hours
90g 2.4cm 23cm 6pcs*30packs 12hours
95g 2.4cm 25cm 6pcs*30packs 13hours
100g 2.54cm 25.4cm 6pcs*30packs 14hours
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The Africans use this White Stick Candle mainly for Household.This Household Cheap Candles are Popular Candle in Africa. Each year China Candle factories export huge amount of this Velas to Africa.

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